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World AMD Championship

Intermot Köln 2018
Sara Viney AMD Magazine

Photographers Onno Wieringa/ Frank Sander.

Top 3 Café racers
Cafe Racer Winner
FMW Motorcycles Hurakan

Cafe , Racer , Winner, FMW Motorcycles, Hurakan, Intermot, Köln

2nd Zillers Garage Jawa 500

2nd, Zillers Garage, Jawa 500, Intermot, Köln

3rd PDF Moto ciclette Quadrophenia

3rd PDF Moto ciclette Quadrophenia

Top 3 Modded racers
Mod H-D Winner
One Way Machine - Silver Storm

Mod H-D Winner, One Way Machine, Silver Storm

2nd , Lord Drake Kustoms - Speedster

2nd , Lord Drake Kustoms, Speedster

3rd, PMS Bike - HD3-Spritz

3rd, PMS Bike, HD3-Spritz

Top 3 Street performance
Street Performance Winner
Paul Milbourn Customs - Titanium V

Street Performance Winner, Paul Milbourn Customs, Titanium V

2nd, Zen Motorcycles - Ducati 900 Turbo

Street Performance 2nd, Zen Motorcycles, Ducati 900 Turbo

3rd, MatCustom - Alpha

Street Performance 3rd, MatCustom, Alpha

Top 3 Retro Mod
Retro Mod Winner, VM Cycles - VM 003-16

2nd, Abnormal Cycles - Anniversary

2nd, Abnormal Cycles, Anniversary

3rd, American Dreams - Iceman Scout Boardtracker

3rd, American Dreams, Iceman Scout Boardtracker

Top 3 Freestyle customs
Freestyle Winner, Zillers Garage - Insomnia

Freestyle Winner, Zillers Garage, Insomnia

2nd, Eastern Bobber Custom Work - BoneX

2nd, Eastern Bobber Custom Work, BoneX

3rd, Marusius - Speedster King

3rd, Marusius, Speedster King

4th, Pavel Malanik - Beast of Brooklands

4th, Pavel Malanik - Beast of Brooklands

5th, Medaza Cycles - Stechmucke

5th, Medaza Cycles, Stechmucke

6th, Mannaia - Flying Marla

6th, Mannaia, Flying Marla

7th Radikal Choppers 70s Helmets - The Skinny

7th Radikal Choppers 70s Helmets, The Skinny

8th, Union Speed and Style - SourKraut

8th, Union Speed and Style, SourKraut

9th, Anarchy custom - Rise of Anarchy

9th, Anarchy custom, Rise of Anarchy

10th, Roth Engineering - Indian Super Scout

10th, Roth Engineering, Indian Super Scout
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